Support business for continuous employment Type-A is an employment contract.

QuestionWhat “A support business for continuous employment Type-A” is:

This is where prior to employment for a regular company, people work while acquiring higher job skills and getting accustomed to each daily schedule before working full-time.

ConceptWhat we are for:

Good jobs are in reality hard to find at Hellowork Public Employment Security Office. So, we are here to help. We appreciate each and every individuality and work done.

For usersWho we ourselves are:

We are a group of creative specialists working each day at a workshop-style office where we make products, goods and services, ranging from planning to LINE-related business. We ourselves are key players of everything from start to finish.

What to doWhat kinds of jobs we do:

Buying and selling books, Figure doll designers, illustrators, picture-book designers, translators, web page designers, prott apps designers, craft designers, etc. etc.

FYI, they all are getting there in their fields.

Employment Continuity Support Type A