Those who are 18 years or older, take public transportation and hold an official disability certificate or claimant certification for welfare service for persons with disabilities, or others given grant decision by each local government, with the purpose of working at a company or entity.
Certainly. It would be great if you could contact us in advance.
At present, boxed lunch services provided with a good variety of 25 (you need to pay some). It is OK to bring your own lunch box or something. If you like, help yourself to beverages including coffee, mineral water or Japanese tea. Clothes-wise, basically no specific dress code.
Principally, five days a week, but everything is considered like your health condition and your personal matters. Except for Obon, and Year-end and New Year days, weekends are basically off. You are free to use a reclining chair whenever you feel under the weather.
About a three-minute walk from Exit #4(escalators) or #5(stairs) of Kita-hama station (K14) on the Osaka Metro Sakai-Suji Line. Between K14 and Kitah-hama (KH02) on the Kei-han Line are underground passageways connected to each other. And, Yodoya-bashi station on the Osaka Metro Mido-suji Line and Yodoya-bashi station on the Kei-han Line are linked together by underground passages.