Springs offers job transition support programs that aim to find employment in a short period of time.

What Transition Support for Employment is:

A welfare support services business for those who hope to work full-time, but unable to find a job on a normal track, with the aim of upgrading skills to work, improving job-hunting skills, maintaining working routines, and building common sense by learning the ropes, for example, or with the assistance of staff.

How the program works:

When beginning coursework, each will receive an in-depth intake interview, decide which course to take, and figure out a career plan. There are three-, six- and twelve-month courses offered and to choose from, each taking training courses within a clear time schedule in an effort to graduate and land a job.

How we help:

It is tough to go it alone and to keep on working, but staff members are always here to assist. We have three pillars to support job-hunters: that is, there is “a career counseling session” to pull out information favorable to each job-seeker. There also is “job assistance” to adjust the difference between job-hunter and company. Last but not least, we promote ”employment retention” where an employee does not quit and maintains a job.

What our training session is like:

We, in principle, do a sedentary job and have work experiences. There is no physically-demanding training whatsoever. The term basically lasts two years. Furthermore, we draw up a time schedule to acquire a program effectively. As a result, we lead to employment in a short time.